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We finally had a whole weekend of nice weather.
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It seems to me that one of the best things about early summer is that it gives us evenings like this...
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I went to the chiropractor today. Judging by how much manipulation she had to do I think my skeleton must have been back to front. One of the nice things about our chiro is that she also runs a stud specialising in Dales ponies. It being the time of year it is there are some little ones around too and her daughter ( who also helps out with the back repairs ) offered me some introductions.
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My parents have gone away for a couple of weeks so we are looking after their house and their puppy ( technically she's more of a young dog by this point ) for them. We were supposed to be off at Badminton now but it's looking increasingly unlikely we'll get there at all - [ profile] sleepsy_mouse is pretty ill tonight and I don't think she'll be up to very much this weekend.
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This evening when I went to give the ponies dinner the sun slipped below the banks of dark, thundery clouds and did some serious showing off.
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Oh, also I notice that neither [ profile] sleepsy_mouse or I has posted any of these pictures from a ride out last weekend:
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Yesterday we had lessons with Julian, riding the charming spanish horse Carel again. I really enjoyed that- by the end of my lesson I had the feeling as we trotted that I wasn't just being carried along by him but that I was more integrated into the movement, really with him. It was an absolutely amazing feeling, something I don't think I've ever had riding before, truly exhilarating.

We went on to visit Joseph pony over at our friend Kerin's yard. Joe was in a somewhat cantankerous mood- he hasn't had to come in and be fussed for a while and it took a whole lot of reminding him who was in charge from [ profile] sleepsy_mouse followed by a lot of scratchies from both of us to remind him that people are OK. While he was in Kerin took the chance to let her young one, Gold Dust, in to Joe's field with Gold Dust's field buddy Lottie and Joe's field-buddy Cheyenne.
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Today of course, there was a bit of unseasonable weather here. I don't recall having inches of snow in April before- I know it's snowed late, but it doesn't usually last at all. We still have a bit of snow in the shady bits of the back garden now.

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We also learned that the boys' field is still good for toboganning and spectated as the family who own the yard and a few friends combined a little plastic disc-toboggan thing, a waterskiing rope and a quad-bike in one of the paddocks with hilarious consequences.
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Seems like everyone is posting pictures today, and being part of everyone I guess that means I should be doing the same.
A few pictures from the last week or so... )
We saw three buzzards over the field the other day as well ( this is exciting because buzzards have only just started to recolonise this part of the country after the whole DDT thing ) but you don't get to see a photo of those because the only picture I got of them turned out to be a picture of a blurry Small looking down his nose into the camera.

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