glenatron: (Emo Zorro)
The sky was very grey and it had been raining on and off all day. I knew the former because I was staring up at it, the latter because the sand of the arena was damp and solid with large puddles in the hoofprints. These puddles were slowly soaking into the back of my clothes. Zorro was stood patiently a few feet away, turned away and looking back at me over his left shoulder. I wondered for a while why he didn't straighten up then realised the tail of my mecate was looped around the saddle horn so when the saddle had sunk right around his right side it had pulled the rein tight. He knows that he's not supposed to pull on the rein, so he was just waiting in the space it permitted for me to sort it out.

What we learn from this is that if I have had to adjust my saddle a few times because it is slipping, I should probably tighten my cinch rather than just thinking "it will be alright" and carrying on. Because when he motorbikes around that corner and I use my weight to balance him out, I may find the saddle is no longer on top of him when he straightens back up.

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