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Perhaps slightly less than six years ago, after some kind of conversation that might have taken place on LiveJournal I made an exchange agreement with [ profile] skiesfirepaved ( who you might know better as [ profile] herecirm these days ) where we each agreed to send one another a playlist of songs. Both being music obsessives of different - but related - streaks, this seemed like a great way to hear some interesting songs and if I am open in my feelings now in a way I wasn't then, I can certainly say that I wanted to get to know her better. I listened to the music she sent me a lot and it made me very happy. Happier than I had been in a long time. Today I was reminded of one of the songs that I sent to her, which comes from one of my favourite albums by one of my favourite songwriters. It is fair to say that the chorus of this with its "you don't know how precious you are" may have carried a hint of the future about it then, but still rings true now. No matter how absolutely I express how much I treasure her, it feels like no more than a drop in the ocean.

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The girl I love had an anniversary to celebrate and as she hasn't visited the west country much and she is a big fun of crystals, fairies and new-age tat, there seemed an obvious place we could visit if we took a couple of days away:

Avalon Tower
This one - the Tor from the Avalon Orchard - feels like it's just a couple of filters away from being a Phil Rickman cover.
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I need to write up that clinic before I forget what my notes refer to, but before I do, there is something else I want to talk about:

It is now a little over a year since [ profile] herecirm moved here. When she moved down in the first place I mentioned that I am conscious that over time you get accustomed to things and something that was remarkable and special at first becomes ordinary and just a part of daily life.

A year on and that really hasn't happened for me as far as being with Sari is concerned. Every time I come home to her I am reminded of the small miracle of us being together, of having our own flat and sharing our lives. Every morning it is a trial to leave the warm comfort of our bed and leave her behind. Her smile and the way the sun catches in her eyes and turns her hair into a halo lights up my life like the illuminations on a medieval manuscript.

She finds it hard to read people and often feels awkward in social situations, although she normally just comes across as shy. This means that I doubt that many other people are exposed to how insightful and funny and clever and ridiculous she can be. She makes me laugh a whole lot of the time and introduces me to films and music I would never have discovered without her. I can honestly say that she has made me more consistently happy in the last year than I was at any point in the decade before.

She is the greatest thing in the world and I am unbelievably lucky that she has chosen to share so much life and love with me. No moment shared with her is wasted.
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So one thing that I have done a bit more of in the last year and a half is writing sentimental songs. I thought I might share the lyrics to the most recent one, but out of regard to those of you who enjoy reading their friends pages I will drop it behind a cut.

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It has been a busy time lately, a few things have changed here. At the end of July my contract came up and I decided not to renew- the environment in the local authority I was working for was a little toxic, a nice group of people in the office, but the department and council in general was chronically mismanaged and their attitude to IT was inept to the point of being embarassing. The work was fine but another three months and I think I would have got a bit institutionalised, also there was an interesting possible new contract on the horizon that would be more interesting work and a little more pay.

The side-effect of this was that I got to take August off, giving me a bit more pony time. Ponies deserve their own post really- minimal progress made but I have had a lot of time to think about them and try and figure out what is going on there. I was kind of hoping the new contract would start in mid august but all was quiet for some time. Then towards the end of the month not only did an interview turn up for the contract I was hoping for and then an interesting and much more local start-up, permenant but a company with serious prospects. The penultimate week of August was consequently a sudden dash of interviews and technical tests. In the end I was offered the contract but not the start-up job, which saved a tricky decision, so I now work in Basingstoke which is a bit of a drive but not too bad.

The work is interesting so far- obviously only a couple of weeks in - and it gives me a chance to work as part of a team on a large project using an Agile development methodology, all things I have learned about but never been able to put into practice. Also lots of good technology and tools - IOC, rhinomocks, WCF - that I should have learned about in the past but never quite needed. Good so far, but I am usually excited about new jobs when they start. Hopefully this will stay interesting. It's also good to be working with a lot of other experienced developers.

The other big and exciting change was that at the end of August [ profile] herecirm moved so she lives here more than in Cambridgeshire now. She is back at her parents this weekend but the last few weeks have just been wonderful as far as I'm concerned. Having time to live life around each other rather than being in constant motion as we were for most of our weekends together has reminded me how funny Sari is and what great company she is on a day to day basis. Coming home to her, going to sleep and waking up beside her, cooking meals together, all these things just make me happy.

All in all, this Autumn has got off to a really good start. Things that are new and exciting now will become things that I am accustomed to, but hopefully I will be able to retain some of this enjoyment of the life I am living.
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The weather has turned at last! I will not complain about being ridiculously hot until I have entirely forgotten how dire the last few months have been.

I have had an awesome couple of weeks as well - the charming [ profile] herecirm came to visit weekend before last and for the first time in three months, neither of us had any urgent jobs to do or places to be. We did have a big family party on Saturday with pretty much all my surviving family- our parents being the oldest generation now and many new second cousins charging around practising the important skills of being loud and then falling over and then being loud again.

Aside from that it was some real Ben and Sari time and exactly what we needed. Just so nice to be able to relax with the girl I love, to watch a movie together and go out in search of the source of the Smallbrook in the Punchbowl.

Last weekend I managed to get some help with Zorro on Saturday night so I was able to head over and visit Sari in her native environment.
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Life feels a lot better for a bunch of Sari time and a chance to pause and just enjoy being together. She is the best.
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With my favourite [ profile] herecirm over to visit, we took Cash out this morning with me riding and her as ground support crew and expedition photographer.
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Gardening Leave is not so bad. It has allowed me some time to do some riding, some teaching and even to dog-sit a little bit. Also got to spend some [ profile] herecirm time last weekend, which was - as always - an unmitigated pleasure.

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I've been quite busy lately so not updated as much as I would like to so I'm going to cover a few weekends in one update...
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A little over a week ago, [ profile] herecirm and I set out for a long weekend together on the Gower peninsula, an area I used to visit often when I was at university in Swansea and had been longing to revisit for years. It was a fantastic weekend and I took loads of pictures, which I will now offer you the freedom to ignore through the magic of the LJ Cut.
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