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It has been a busy time lately, a few things have changed here. At the end of July my contract came up and I decided not to renew- the environment in the local authority I was working for was a little toxic, a nice group of people in the office, but the department and council in general was chronically mismanaged and their attitude to IT was inept to the point of being embarassing. The work was fine but another three months and I think I would have got a bit institutionalised, also there was an interesting possible new contract on the horizon that would be more interesting work and a little more pay.

The side-effect of this was that I got to take August off, giving me a bit more pony time. Ponies deserve their own post really- minimal progress made but I have had a lot of time to think about them and try and figure out what is going on there. I was kind of hoping the new contract would start in mid august but all was quiet for some time. Then towards the end of the month not only did an interview turn up for the contract I was hoping for and then an interesting and much more local start-up, permenant but a company with serious prospects. The penultimate week of August was consequently a sudden dash of interviews and technical tests. In the end I was offered the contract but not the start-up job, which saved a tricky decision, so I now work in Basingstoke which is a bit of a drive but not too bad.

The work is interesting so far- obviously only a couple of weeks in - and it gives me a chance to work as part of a team on a large project using an Agile development methodology, all things I have learned about but never been able to put into practice. Also lots of good technology and tools - IOC, rhinomocks, WCF - that I should have learned about in the past but never quite needed. Good so far, but I am usually excited about new jobs when they start. Hopefully this will stay interesting. It's also good to be working with a lot of other experienced developers.

The other big and exciting change was that at the end of August [ profile] herecirm moved so she lives here more than in Cambridgeshire now. She is back at her parents this weekend but the last few weeks have just been wonderful as far as I'm concerned. Having time to live life around each other rather than being in constant motion as we were for most of our weekends together has reminded me how funny Sari is and what great company she is on a day to day basis. Coming home to her, going to sleep and waking up beside her, cooking meals together, all these things just make me happy.

All in all, this Autumn has got off to a really good start. Things that are new and exciting now will become things that I am accustomed to, but hopefully I will be able to retain some of this enjoyment of the life I am living.
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On Sunday I'm off for my first ever international work travel- I'll be spending Monday and Tuesday of next week in Freiburg working onsite with a client there. It's a little nervewracking to be going overseas to do my first installation with the customer present ( where possible we work remotely ) especially as I don't have more than a couple of words of german. Obviously the guys I'll be working with have good English but it feels rude to be going to someone else's country and not have a lot of their language to work with.

Freiburg looks like a nice town, though. It's a shame that I'll almost certainly be far too busy to see the place properly.

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