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We'll be taking Quesada & Molino to Acoustic Friday at Farnham Maltings tomorrow night. Not sure when we're on or how long our set will be but it should work out a pretty good night anyways- the selection of acts is usually pretty good so there's bound to be some other interesting people to hear if you do come along.
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Last year I played at Summer Breeze Festival in Farnham with Sequoia. We were near the top of the bill, supporting Nizlopi. It was a pretty good day out.

This year we are going one better, as Quesada & Molino are actually headlining, at least in the sense that the headline is the first thing you read in the newspaper and we are the first act on the acoustic stage.

We've got a 20 minute set, opening the festival and undoubtedly setting the bar so high that there'll be no act on any stage there that can follow it. However if there were any such act it might be chirpy power pop headliners Kids In Glass Houses, spring-heeled rockers You Me At Six, my old team Sequoia, sweet voiced songstress Laura Colegate or the reliably brilliant Big Wednesday.

Last year it was a really good day, with some pretty awesome music going on in many different stages, often at the same time. Tickets are £16/14 in advance or two quid more on the door.
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So Quesada & Molino played our first gig this evening. It went pretty well all in all- the sound was fine (although the combination of very dynamic volume changes and Stu's amazingly loud singing made life pretty hard for the engineer) and there weren't any noticeable mistakes in the performance.

Stu is almost as tall as me, but here when playing he appears to be some kind of squat gnome.

It was really good to see everyone who came from miles away to hear us and I think we can consider this an auspicious debut, something we can be genuinely proud of.
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Quesada & Molino play our first public show tomorrow night at the Acoustic Fridays night in Farnham Maltings.

We're only on for 15 minutes, but it should be packed so full of awesome that it feels like half that. Aside from us, there are a whole bunch of other good acts to be found including Shoreline who are worth a listen.

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