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The last few weeks have really felt like springtime here, that moment of bright transition from blossom to leaf and the sun has shone with an atypical brightness facilitating some very pleasant days out, with which I shall now try your patience...
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So that's how things have been here recently. It's not so bad.
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I've been hella busy with some freelance work stuff over the last few weeks, especially as for a fortnight starting on December 21st we lost power for some part of every day. When you are trying to work on a computer from home, routinely losing electricity and internet connectivity for up to three days at a stretch makes things difficult. Also our house is electrically heated, so it got a bit nippy after a while.

Anyways, there were some pictures I intended to post then and failed, so here they are:
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After almost two weeks of rain, we have had a dry day today and another is forecast tomorrow. I hope to go walkabout with my fine mare once more.
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I have been up to a broad selection of things lately, I shall endeavour to share some with you:

Last weekend we spent four days recording some new songs for the next release from The Patient Wild. In fact they will probably go onto a CD with the existing tracks ( people at gigs are often asking whether we have a CD to sell ) and we will endeavour to put them onto the usual services so you should be able to find them easily if you want to. I won't lie, this is really awesome music- complicated, intense and catchy all at once. It won't be for everyone but I feel that this band is the one that has been closest to my musical vision of any I have been part of and it is always a pleasure to be around musicians this talented. I will doubtless post more about this once we have the mixes back and they are out where people can find them.

My contract comes up at the end of the month ( which is Thursday, by this point ) and I don't yet have anything else lined up. This means that my poor abandoned mare will get some work to do while I sort something else out. Hopefully another contract will be forthcoming reasonably soon because if I don't find anything in November, the market tends to go dead in December as everyone in HR goes skiing and then with the spin up time after Christmas it would probably be February before anything much turns up, unless I want to go to London, and nobody wants to go to London. I do have a mobile phone project I've been working on for a while, so I guess if I'm not in a full time job I can concentrate on that in between horses and maybe get enough done to get it out in some app stores and make a few quid. It would be nice to be running my own stuff, but at the same time I prefer not to put too long of a break between contracts and my bank manager likes me not to as well.

Iris has been somewhat underworked lately, between recording and the growing dark of an English autumn, but I am planning to combine intensive teaching with one of my students with working Iris by driving her over to my student's yard ( which has a really nice arena, unlike our own muddy swamp ) and teaching from horseback. We tested travelling there and back today as it was sunny but too blustery for riding out with Iris as she is at the moment and although she was very sweaty after the journey, the wind gave her a chance to dry off and she offered some really nice work. This horse is so amazing - she just gives and keeps on giving. I feel so much responsibility to be as generous in my training and care of her as she is in her work with me.
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Also I read The Book Of The New Sun recently and if you haven't read it you could probably put it on the "to read" list. It is unlike most of the books.

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