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Now if you look at my previous post, my forecast was "hilarious fiasco" so lets see what we achieved, shall we?

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Tomorrow evening will be the first dressage competition for Team Iris. I'm pretty confident it will go well, given all the things we have in our favour:
  • I have had to borrow a bridle because I always take the nosebands off mine because they look silly with western gear and then I lose them.
  • Turns out the bridle I have borrowed is actually black, with a brown noseband. Black bridle with a brown noseband and reins to go with a black saddle is a look, right?
  • The saddle is old and treeless and well past its best but it at least falls within the rules, pretty much.
  • I don't own a stock tie or white gloves, so we're about to go out to buy some.
  • My black long boots are the cheapest possible rubber ones.
  • Until Saturday I thought it was a different test, so I haven't had much time to memorise it. I think I've got a handle on it though.
  • The only problem with my memorisation is that I keep ending up at the wrong end of the school by the end of the test and I can't quite work out why I am there. Other than that it's going fine.
  • Our corners in canter aren't very good, but mostly we can now make a transition on the right rein without a buck.

Fortunately dressage is a notoriously open and friendly sport, so I'm sure it will be fine and nobody will be judging us for our dire apparel or terrible performance.

Current forecast: Hilarious fiasco.
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We made a dressage! )

After that, all that remained was for us to pop home, stop at the local cafe for a late breakfast, [ profile] sleepsy_mouse to take Small out for a rampage on the common, me to walk from our house to the yard, us both to go over for a lesson with Julian and then return to feed the ponies (who were somewhat put-out to find a lot of Duke Of Edinburgh awards students camping and making a fuss in the next field but pleased to see dinner), and then home in time for tea.

As you might imagine, I'm pretty sleepy now, but I don't see how we could have fitted much more into one Saturday...
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Our test is at 9:16 on Saturday. Extrapolating back that suggests we should be on-site for 8:16 to allow for checking ourselves in, Zorro being a tit, tacking up, warming up and being generally prepared. That suggests we should be away from the yard by 7:45 which suggests in turn we should be at the yard for about 6:45.

So, how do I achieve this without compromising my Saturday morning lie-in?

Also, does anyone know where my dressage clothes are? I could find them perfectly well before we moved house...
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Very proud of [ profile] sleepsy_mouse and Small today for being excellent on an epic scale.

A week of preparation for next Saturday and we've established a few fundamentals- we're better at being on the track, shoulders are dropping into the middle a little less and I'm much better at picking us back out laterally to where we ought to be. It is clearly tough being a heavy cob as your shoulders have a mind of their own and no particular interest in going where the rest of the horse is going. We're not brilliant but if we could turn in a test next week at the standard we're at now in our more harmonious moments I don't think I'd have let the big guy down too badly.

We may not have bothered so much with precision for a while, but now that we are I do like that when something isn't going the way I would like it to we have the tools in place to change it. It seems like every time I ride him, the rein that was worse last time is now the better one, which suggests that a) we're making some useful corrections and b) we're not working evenly enough on both reins :)
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So I have accidentally entered Zorro and I in our first dressage competition in a couple of weeks.

We ran through the test ( absolute beginners stuff, walk and trot, nothing complicated ) on Saturday to see how we're doing on that front. Judging by that we're only going to really have a problem with accuracy, transitions, gaits, impulsion, round circles, staying within five metres of the track, remembering which letter is where, distinguishing left and right and creating the harmonious impression that horse and rider aren't actually currently engaged in a punch-up. And this was in our calm, familliar school at home, not in the local riding club show field...


Still, one has to start somewhere and this is a great way to get me thinking about- and working on - details. If we get to the show and perform a dressage test and nobody dies, that will pretty much be a win as far as I'm concerned. If we perform the correct dressage test, that is extra double high score...

This also is likely to result in some hilarious photos of me dressed up like an equestrian instead of slobbing around in jeans and a jumper. Why yes, I do have cream breeches, and yes, since you mention it, they are exceedingly camp.

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