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We do not have central heating. I think this may be a part of the problem. Also, although we have cavity wall insulation ( every hole in the walls constantly pours tiny polystyrene balls the size of snail eggs ) some windows are still single glazed and rather than an extractor fan in the bathroom we have a plastic contraption that sits over a hole in the window and facilitates drafts.

None of this really goes far enough, I feel, to explain why it is so chilly indoors here.

My suspicion is that if one were to dig through our floor or delve in the garden ( is it even possible to delve too deep and too greedily? I don't see that it could be ) one would find, after a while, that the hole collapsed in on itself, tangles of root matter and sandy subsoil dropping into a deeper space. Further excavation would reveal this to be a stairway, old beyond comprehension, leading down into the hill. Following these steps, cautiously, would take one down in a descending spiral until the dark was absolute. Then a short corridor and a blue glimmer at it's end. Walking down it, into the same walls of cold that we experience walking from the living room to the kitchen, one would gradually perceive a pale cavern flickering with blue-white light that emanates from every crystaline edge of the arched hall at the corridor's end. Curled at it's centre, breath emerging in frozen clouds, massive and silent in it's luminescent sleep, an Ice Drake at rest. Waiting patiently for the Cailleach Bheur to tap her heavy stave across the hill and awaken him again.
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I posted this elsewhere on a thread of conversations people have had with their horses but it made me smile so I thought I'd share it here also.

This was more or less the conversation we had on Saturday. It was our first solo hack in the last few months on account of it's fun to go out for rides with Small and [ profile] sleepsy_mouse:

Me: Zorro, I know we left Small behind and we're out alone but I'm sure you can walk faster than this.
Zorro: I can walk faster if we go the other way.
Me: We're not going that way, though, are we?
Zorro: We could be, look I can just whip round and...
Me:... and continue whipping round until you're back facing the way we're going.
Zorro: I have backup!
Me: That's nice, go forward.
Zorro: I can buck!
Me: That's nice, go forward.
Zorro: ...
Zorro: So. going forward then.
Me: Yes, how about it?

five minutes later

Zorro: This is the invisible wall!
Me: Why have you stopped?
Zorro: The invisible wall!
Me: I can't see anything.
Zorro: No, that's cos it's invisible, we'd better go home now!
Me: Or go on?
Zorro: But there is a wall!!!
Me: Alright, I'll get off and push.
Zorro: That's good- you can go through the wall first.
Me: So what is this wall made of?
Zorro: Sinister doom and certain death and lions!
Me: That's funny because it looks to me like it's around where this field of cows starts. Is it because of the smell of cows, Zorro?
Zorro: No it's lions! And bears!
Me: Were they Mooing bears? Lions with horns?
Zorro: ...

Zorro: hold on! I know this place! This is the half-way mark!
Me: So if I asked you for a gentle trot now...
Zorro: RAMPAGE!!!!!
Me: Row down, lunky.
Zorro: BUCKING!!!
Me: Bend bend bend bend bend
Zorro: Wait, you want me to walk?
Me: Yes please, Zorro.
Me: Bendbendbendbend
Zorro: I can do sideways! Check out me doing sideways!
Me: Thanks Zorro, can you do walking?
Zorro: No.

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