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2009-09-04 12:36 am
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Rainy night

Last night was so horrible that rather than Small going out for the night we decided it was fairer for Donk to come in. He was a bit shivery but cheered up a lot when he found a haynet and his velvetty summer coat dries up ever so quickly.

It's probably the first time he's been in a stable for a good few years. Certainly he had a bit of extra energy when he went back out, helped by the fact he was first pony out to the field in the morning.
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2009-07-24 12:00 am
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One more for the rode

Alright, I'll stop doing this shortly, but first...
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2009-07-22 12:05 am
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We've had a couple of days with Donk now and he's settled down a whole lot. He's continuing to be a gentle and pleasant horse to be around.
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2009-07-19 09:30 pm
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A high point in Australian culture

You shoulda brought a gun instead of a beer, mate.
Nah. I don't need one. I got a Donk.
Got a what?
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