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Yesterday we had a lesson with Silversand associate instructor Karen French, having a session each with our horses.
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This evening when we brought the ponies in Zorro had Opinions which mean't I basically brought in a firework display. Mostly he was keeping a couple of feet on the floor, but which ones varied quite a lot. I think the combination of bad weather, excitement about dinner and the beginnings of spring grass went to his head a little. It was quite hectic for a little while, but there was a lot of energy there and had it been less of a swamp I might have been tempted to take him down to the school and just have a bit of a play.
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Today we had Karen French over for a lesson with each of us and our horses. Karen is a tremendous teacher who has studied horses for most of her life, first through Pony Club and the BHS then through Classical Dressage and the Alexander Technique (not riding specific, obviously, but it really influences her way of teaching) to where she is now teaching Natural Horsemanship in a way that is informed by all the other approaches she has learned from.

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