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Last weekend was the first of the Profound Decisions Empire larp events and it was pretty much awesome. In game it was the winter solstice and in a no-expenses spared effort they actually arranged for snow and exceedingly cold temperatures. Fortunately the group I belonged to was based in the snowy northern lands so our kit was broadly up to the weather and I am quite relieved about that.

It was good to have a chance to play with some people I've not seen for a few years and be part of the beginning of a really interesting, epic and exciting game. When we went to battle either as players or monster crew among hundreds on each side it really felt like a big deal and the amount of effort and skill they had invested in creating a complete world with deep and compelling background, some explicit and some waiting to be uncovered, was very impressive indeed. Also everyone had put a lot of time and effort into kit, so it was the best looking event I have been to- the organisers had really gone overboard on the monster outfits, from the orc armour and minotaur kits to the big setpiece trolls and bone drakes we were confronted by. Other systems are going to have to work very hard indeed to catch up.

Unfortunately since the weekend I have been quite ill- in fact last night was the first time in years I have actually had a proper for-reals fever. I thought I was well enough to play a show with the band last night, but it transpired that I was incorrect and I burned myself out really badly. I've got medicine now, which will hopefully help, but yes, not feeling the healthiest. I have been entirely reliant on the ever-brilliant [ profile] herecirm to keep things going, which she has done immaculately as well looking after me very generously. She is of the opinion that she doesn't have a caring bone in her body which goes to show that she isn't always right. I am very fortunate indeed to have her with me.

Also we finally played the jig we've been working on for a while in front of an audience, so I feel like we're a proper folk rock band now.
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So while I can recall last weekend:


Being in a shield wall
... a shield wall of crushed velvet!
Richard/Amir being a total hero and bringing a mess tent
... and then cooking us breakfast in it
... and also having a tea urn
The book of vengeance looked excellent
The dialogue between the Temple and the highly secular Golden City
Stupid catchphrases including ( but not limited to: )
  • "Thank-you! Temple is closed! Come again!"
  • "Brilliant...tits"
  • "Death to tolerance!"

Remembering everyone's name. Even Muka Mutara.
Jingly armour
Rituals being dangerous again.
Being in the same group as Shanks for the first time ever.


Crushed velvet shields proving crushable to every single monster
Waking up with the wind almost flattening the tent across my face
Some of the group not able to make it and would have been awesomer with them there
Getting into jingly armour, realising it was the wrong way around and having to get out of it again.
Not sure that we have successfully sealed our reputation as a very serious roleplay-intensive group.
Skill trees are and always will be boring!
No Wandering Soldier stall, so I spent the whole weekend armed with a stick.
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  • Drinking toilet cleaner ( as lidl lemon liqueur is apparently named ) and claiming several other faction's camps.
  • Chaka Demus and the eyeball of hilarity.
  • The invention Teutonian roulette
  • "By my power I sleep your left leg!"
  • Seeing various friends I've not seen in far too long
  • The HOPE project ( Healing Overload Prevention Experiment ) during the final battle, where we did our very best to make sure no healers exploded from having too much power by getting knocked down every minute or so, typically by a combination of dangerous effects. Considering we are amazingly weak and offered no strategic benefit to the players during that battle we sure did chew up a lot of healing.
  • Chasing after sinister dark figures in the night, then realising we were well ahead at the same time they did and running away again when they turned on us.
  • Chakademus, Papa 'Bo and I creating a cannonade of blast spells, burning all our power, causing no damage to the enemy tough guy and then all getting magebolted for our troubles
  • Taking part in some classic Chunder Rituals- old skool!
  • The Bongo Weasel still has it. And by "it" there I mean the loin cloth that makes everyone else feel a tiny bit ill.
  • Reckless Lizards- knowing you're likely to retire a character pretty soon gives you a lot of freedom to do stupid stuff.

  • Hot. I mean I don't mind hot weather and my kit is good for it, but my goodness me it was hot also the greenhouse tent effect that means no matter how late you were up you can't sleep past about 10 am is not so great.
  • Administration. How come a mighty alchemist and ritualist like Papa 'Bo has to spend most of his time filling in forms and queing up? And how come we all waited for him?
  • My prosthetic is still in a box or bag in the attic or garage, so I wasn't in my full lizardy glory.
  • Face paint. Ah, to play a human again!
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Well that was... blustery.

I guess we should have expected it from Caledonia, but even so a day of constant rain followed by a day of tent-destroying gale force winds was quite pesky from a weather perspective. Also our tent is broken and I think I lost my (by this point old and somewhat blunt) swiss army knife somewhere in the chaos of dismantled command tents. Still, it was old, somewhat blunt and a bit gritty after spending six weeks buried in the school at the yard, so I guess a replacement may be in order.

I didn't enjoy the Moots as much as I was hoping to, not sure why, but I'm not sure I find Rules 3 agreeable. It seems like they've taken a lot of quirky stuff out of the game. I'm sure it makes it harder to powergame, but it also makes it harder to do the kind of funny and odd things that we have enjoyed in the past. I enjoyed monstering at Moot 1 and there was some pretty entertaining stuff going on at Moot 2 - Lizards, Tides and Crew are a good set of groups for hilarity in more or less any setting but did we enjoy it any more being at an LT major event than we would have if we'd all just been camping somewhere together anyway? I honestly couldn't say.

Also, my next character will probably be a human. Prosthetics and paint are hassley, as is the way masks accumulate moisture and then dribble it down your face as the day wears on.
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Had a really good weekend at the Jackals Event hanging out with the brood, getting to know a few other people a little better and generally doing the whole sanctioned event thing. First time using one of the lizard prosthetics, too, which was pretty cool.
Protecting you from pictures of the Bongo Weasel )

For my birthday [ profile] sleepsy_mouse and her family have joined together to buy me a day of Skill At Arms instruction, which I'm really excited about- should be a lot of fun.

Thanks to anyone who has sent me birthday wishes, they are entirely appreciated!
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Just got back from the Jackals Event, which was set in an unseasonably cold Medina, represented by a scout camp near Melton Mowbray.

I may have been colder in a tent, but I don't remember it- on Friday night I slept fully dressed, including several jumpers, in a sleeping bag inside another larger sleeping bag and I was still cold, although a handwarmer thing procured by [ profile] sleepsy_mouse really helped. During the days I was wearing six or more layers, half of them thermals, which meant I looked pretty buff and couldn't quite bend my arms.

The event itself was really good fun, hanging out with the other lizards and the Wangazulu guys was reliably entertaining and it was a pleasure to see so many friends I meet too infrequently. [ profile] shanks01 and Gunn were on very entertaining form as well, although I have my doubts about Shanks' self-proclaimed "greatest song ever". I just find it hard to imagine that his finest work revolves around a lady who does that kind of thing for a silver or that we needed to hear about it in so much detail.

I wasn't really paying attention to the plot, although there was to be a lot of fun and tough combat that we miraculously all survived, but it's hard to run a sensible storyline when your site is mostly just a field- it means you're stuck having enemies attack a well fortified defensive location in waves, which doesn't quite make sense because if there were that many surely a siege and an individual rush would be more effective. I mean, obviously, you can't work that with a monster crew, but trying to get into the strategic minds of our enemies that would be a more logical way for them to work. I don't know how you get around that as a plot writer, though- maybe have them trying to kidnap PCs? Tricky...

The final battle was fairly epic- by the last wave of the ( excellent and sizeable ) monster crew it really felt like we didn't have a chance, but somehow everyone survived. Well done us, but also well done crew for balancing out tough monsters to an extent that even an inept faction like the Jackals had to form up to fight them off and still not wiping us all out, as we quite possibly deserved...
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Naked stealth maneuvers.
Sending spam to a demon lord.
Series of escalating pranks nearly resulting in said demon lord killing Sultan, also hilarious slapstick timing involving Papa Bo and the cunningly hidden crystal.
Saturday being consistently dry and mostly sunny.
Being a spellcaster for the first time.
Consistently high ambient hilarity.
Teddy stepping down will mean we get to hang out with him again.

Ritual results.
Sunday being wet.
Loincloths being hard to remain decent in.
Realising that my night-time kit makes me the goth Kermit.
Missing a bunch of Saturday cos of waiting for something to happen.
My accent slipping frequently to the piratical: "I'm in one!"
Teddy stepping down will be a loss to the Jackals.
and a photo of the brood )
All in all I had a great weekend. Everyone seemed to be on very good form and the whole thing was very hilarious indeed. Just another reason to be glad I left the band and wonder why I didn't do it sooner.

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